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Give perseverance certificates to your students to recognize their efforts. 

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Perseverance quote

Women and men, by their example or their words, can be a + in our educational journey by helping us see life differently. Use these quotes to spark an in-class discussion on perseverance or talk about the accomplishments of these men and women; or post them to provide inspiration.

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Celebrate +’s via email

Use your institution’s communications network to celebrate a student’s perseverance, tenacity, or engagement by sending them an email with one of these images attached.

Another email image is available in the Downloadable Materials section.

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My achievements, my +’s

Guide younger students in thinking and writing about one achievement per day. At the end of the week, give them a moment to realize all that they have accomplished and give themselves a pat on the back.

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Photo activity

Ask children or older students to think about a gesture or a person who has been a “+” in their perseverance at school this year.

Have the students write the gesture or name on a plus sign (cut out of cardboard, drawn on the board, etc.) and then take pictures of them with the “+”.

The photo can be sent as a thank-you to the person whose gesture is being recognized, published on social media, or even used to make a mural in your school, library, leisure centre, etc.

In the Downloadable Resources section, you will find many small, printable plus signs. 

Variation: Write the challenge, point of pride, or even a desired profession on a mortarboard.


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Hallways of encouragement

Post words and phrases of encouragement or pride in your youngsters or students on classroom doors, in hallways, in public spaces, on your office door, or on the walls. And why not greet your students on the Monday morning of HSD with a welcome line of encouragement made up of posters? 

To help, we have made available a coloured alphabet and emoticons (PDF). 



All the +’s around me

Enlarge and print the large plus sign made up of small +’s.

Have children write the names of the people who make them feel good at school and help them learn, along with a quality of that person in 1, 2, 3, or 5 plus signs.

Display them all together to make a large mural.



Say thank you

Personally or on behalf of your organization, take advantage of HSD to thank – publically or privately – your partners, network, employees, boss, or a specific organization, teacher, psychoeducator, daycare educator, youth centre worker, grandparent, or other relative for the “+” they contribute to the perseverance and success of young people in general or of a child/teen/young adult who is close to you.

It’s a small gesture that does a lot of good!


Notes of encouragement

Send a sheet with plus signs to parents.

Ask them to place a “+” with a quality or a note of encouragement written on it in their child’s lunchbox every day of HSD. 

Every day, encourage the students to show their plus signs in class and use them to make a large banner of encouragement.  

Downloadable materials for this activity:


My qualities, my +’s

Enlarge and print the large plus sign made up of small +’s.

Have students write things like the qualities they are most proud of or the challenges they have overcome inside the small +’s. 



Thanks for being my +

Have children write a letter or make a drawing to thank their parents, grandparents, sister, instructor, teacher, or coach for a gesture that made them feel good. 

The letters and drawings can then be sent to the people mentioned or form a large collective work that everyone is invited to come and see.


The quality I like about you

Every student is given a “+”

Have them write the name of a friend on it, along with a quality they appreciate about that person.

The +’s can then be made into a mural of the class’s qualities.


Testimonials from organizations

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