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Since 2011, Montreal Hooked on School has coordinated Montreal’s participation in Hooked on School Days (HSD), which highlights the importance of being there to support youth and congratulate their efforts. Over the years, Montrealers have adopted and appropriated this movement to an ever-increasing degree. HSD 2015 produced many touching moments, with thousands of people marking the week by sending messages of encouragement and support to young people, along with notes of gratitude for the people who work to help youth persevere at school.

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A new HSD record was set in 2014, with 1500 school perseverance activities registered. These activities and communication initiatives were carried out by over 240 Montreal organizations determined to use the momentum of HSD to show that school perseverance among young people is a key issue for society as a whole.




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The second annual Hooked on School Days in Montreal boasted a calendar of over 1,000 activities sponsored by 400 organizers and collaborators, 120,000 participants, 35,000 proudly worn school perseverance ribbons, an inspiring ambassador, hundreds of notes of support posted on the “Wall of Encouragement,” a new website, and sustained visibility on social media sites. All of this exuberance surrounding the event demonstrated once again the vitality of Montrealers’ engagement when it comes to the crucial issue of school perseverance.

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During Hooked on School Days, held February 14–18, 2011, 150 organizers offered over 280 activities on the Island of Montreal. These lectures, messages to students and parents, “walls of perseverance,” in-class activities, meetings between partners, employer recognition events, film launches, online tool introductions, and broadcasts  of radio and video programs reached some 60,000 participants. In addition to these demonstrations of commitment, 30,000 green-and-white school perseverance ribbons were handed out to Montrealers.

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26% of Québec dropouts ars in montreal.

This represents 2,577 Montreal youth who left school without graduating in 2013. 


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