What is HSD?

Hooked on School Days (HSD) is a time when Montreal re-focuses on one of its most important issues: encouraging young people to stay in school.

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With the help of family and friends, and the ongoing support of various professionals, young people strive to succeed every day. HSD is the ideal time to unite these voices and collectively underscore the importance of engaging with young people and encouraging them in their efforts.

HSD is also a reminder of how important school perseverance is for Montreal as a whole and a celebration of the vital work of all those who help our youth achieve their potential. 

Montreal Hooked on School has coordinated Hooked on School Days in Montreal with great pride since HSD Montreal first began in 2011.


Hooked on School Days brings together the educational, community, institutional, and business sectors and is an ideal opportunity to:

>  Raise awareness of the importance of school perseverance and success of young people.

>  Make Montreal’s school perseverance situation more widely known.

>  Underscore the engagement of anyone who works toward the academic success of young people. 

>  Communicate the importance of this issue for your organization. 

>  Above all, take the time to give a massive dose of encouragement to young people of all ages, recognize their progress, and congratulate them for their efforts… and to make a habit of it throughout the year.


School perseverance is everybody’s business

Your organization is directly involved in a school perseverance initiative? Or perhaps you don’t work with kids but are very active in the community? HSD gives any and all members of the community the opportunity to get involved and actively support young people as they strive to succeed in school.


Since 2011, hundreds of organizations from the educational, community, institutional and business sectors have joined the movement every year in Montreal.


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The next HSD: February 17 to 21, 2020

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Certificates to honour the efforts of youth

Many elected officials took advantage of HSD to ...



Thank you to all our HSD organizers!

Hooked on School Days is nearing its end ...

Did you know ...

26% of Québec dropouts ars in montreal.

This represents 2,577 Montreal youth who left school without graduating in 2013. 


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