What is HSD?

Hooked on School Days is a time when Montreal re-focuses on one of its most important issues: encouraging young people to stay in school.

Held annually throughout Québec in February, Hooked on School Days (HSD) are a special occasion to highlight the importance of staying in school, for the well-being of both individual students and society as a whole. HSD also celebrate the vital work of those who help young people fulfill their potential. 

Réseau réussite Montréal has coordinated Hooked on School Days in Montreal with great pride since HSD Montreal first began in 2011.


Take the time to make a gesture…

>  Raise awareness of the importance of school perseverance and success of young people.

>  Make Montreal’s school perseverance situation more widely known.

>  Underscore the engagement of anyone who works toward the academic success of young people. 

>  Communicate the importance of this issue for your organization. 

>  Above all, take the time to give a massive dose of encouragement to young people of all ages, recognize their progress, and congratulate them for their efforts… and to make a habit of it throughout the year.


…and then make it a habit throughout the year.

HSD is a time to galvanize people around encouraging young people to stay in school. But young people work hard every day, all year long. If we want a society that encourages them to succeed and that recognizes their success as valuable, they need our ongoing individual and collective support. 


Since 2011, hundreds of organizations from the educational, community, institutional and business sectors have joined the movement every year in Montreal.



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