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You can also order your free poster online.

Note: Most elementary and high schools will receive a poster directly from their school board or CSSS.


Activity // Viision Board

By creating their own vision board, young people equip themselves with a means to stay focused on persevering while exploring their creative and artistic sides. 



Certificate of perseverance

Certificat__Kids_ENG.jpg Certificat_Older students_ENG.jpg  

Word documents -> here (429.3 KB) and here (284.8 KB) .


Materials in Spanish and Creole

BandeauJPS_Creole1.jpg  BandeauJPS_Creole2.jpg

BandeauJPS_Espagnol1.jpg  BandeauJPS_Espagnol3.jpg


Printable postcards

Postcard_EN_Recto.jpg  Postcard_Congratulate_Verso.jpg

Postcard_Dreams_Recto.jpg  Postcard_Encourage_Verso.jpg

Postcard_Proud_Recto.jpg  Postcard_Congratulate_Verso.jpg


Quotes about perseverance

Seven inspiring quotes on perseverance for your students. 

Post them or use them to spark a discussion on the topic or on the life of the person quoted.

PerseveranceQuote_AEarhart_EN.JPG  PerseveranceQuote_NMandela_EN.JPG


Activity // My sucesses this week

My successes this week_EN.JPG


Images for email encouragement

Email_Dedication_EN.jpg  Email_ProudOfYou_EN.jpg  Email_Determination_EN.jpg



Activity // I am a perseverance superhero! 

I am a perseverance superhero! (BOY).jpg    I am a perseverance superhero! (GIRL).jpg


Activity // School perseverance sticky notes

Encourage young people to answer a question on a stocky note (ex. ''School perseverance is...'') to create a mural.



Alphabet and emoji

To decorate your rooms and spice up your pictures.



Activity // Cut-out mortarboard

Write an achievement, a point of pride, a quality, a challenge overcome, a dream, or even the professional aspiration that motivates us to study.

Stick them on lockers, keep them as letters to yourself for next year, add them to a portfolio, or cut on the dotted lines to use in a photo shoot.



Activity // Tree of perseverance

L'arbre de la persévérance_EN.JPG


Activity // Draw the equation of your sucess !

Draw the equation of your sucess_ Image.JPG


Activity // I encourage you to persevere because I love you

An activity that connects Hooked on School Days with Valentine’s Day.

Image_Activité Coeur _ENG.JPG  


Web banners - social media


MS_Spark their interest.jpg  MS_Celebrate their achievements.jpg  MS_Teach them patience.jpg

MS_Encourage them.jpg  MS_Hold their hand.jpg  MS_Help them get organized.jpg



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