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You can also order your free poster online.

JPS 2019_Affiche nationale + logo RRM_18x24_ENG_LIGHT.JPG  JPS 2019_Affiches Gestes (18 X 24)_ENG_LIGHT.JPG


Certificate of perseverance

Certificat__Kids_ENG.jpg  Certificat_Older students_ENG.jpg


Cut-out mortarboard

Write an achievement, a point of pride, a quality, a challenge overcome, a dream, or even the professional aspiration that motivates us to study.


Stick them on lockers, keep them as letters to yourself for next year, add them to a portfolio, or cut on the dotted lines to use in a photo shoot.

*Merci aux membres de l'équipe de JAVA Communications qui ont illustré cette idée avec beaucoup d'enthousiasme!:) 




Infographics of examples of actions to be taken

To use in your newsletters, emails, social media and your website, to print ... and more!

JPS 2019_Infographies Gestes_EN_1.jpg

JPS 2019_Infographies Gestes_EN_2.jpg

JPS 2019_Infographies Gestes_EN_10.jpg

JPS 2019_Infographies Gestes_EN_6.jpg

JPS 2019_Infographies Gestes_EN_9.jpg

JPS 2019_Infographies Gestes_EN_3.jpg

JPS 2019_Infographies Gestes_EN_5.jpg

JPS 2019_Infographies Gestes_EN_4.jpg

JPS 2019_Infographies Gestes_EN_8.jpg

JPS 2019_Infographies Gestes_EN_7.jpg


Alphabet and emoji

To decorate your rooms and spice up your pictures.



I encourage you to persevere because I love you

An activity that connects Hooked on School Days with Valentine’s Day.

Image_Activité Coeur _ENG.JPG  


Draw the equation of your sucess !

Draw the equation of your sucess_ Image.JPG


Images of "+"

Word format

+ in WORD format (16 + different, 1 per page) (810.7 KB)

5 "+" in WORD format - on a single sheet (8,5 X 11) (93.8 KB)


RRM_Affiche-JPS-2018_+_Complet.png  RRM_JPS 2018_+_Individuels-08.png  RRM_JPS 2018_+_Individuels-09.png

RRM_JPS 2018_+_Individuels-13.png  RRM_JPS 2018_+_Individuels-16.png  RRM_JPS 2018_+_Individuels-02.png



I am a perseverance superhero! 

I am a perseverance superhero! (BOY).jpg   I am a perseverance superhero! (GIRL).jpg


HSD signature

JPS_Eng_Logo.jpg  Ruban_web_FB.png


Social media

Download the Facebook and Twitter visuals (647.3 KB)


Email signature

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