6 - 12 years old

Activity ideas for 6–12-year-olds


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> Student encouragement by school partners

“We asked external partners to send letters of encouragement to the student council, which will be read over the intercom.”

 Simone Desjardins elementary, HSD 2016


>  “He or she inspires me” compositions

“Sixth grade students compose a text of 300 words about someone who has inspired them to persevere at school.”

Jardin-des-Saints-Anges elementary, HSD 2016


> Morning honour guard

“An honour guard is organized by staff members to welcome students on Monday to kick off HSD.”

Chomedey-De Maisonneuve elementary, HSD 2016

“This activity consists of forming an honour guard of school staff and personnel from local community organizations to welcome students to their first class of the morning with applause and words of encouragement.”

Table de concertation jeunesse de Bordeaux-Cartierville, JPS 2014


> Song: Heroes

“Students in the music class learn the theme song of school perseverance week, “Heroes,” and the whole school sings it in the gym on the closing Friday of HSD.”

Saint-Antoine-Marie-Claret elementary, HSD 2016


> Meeting challenges!

“Throughout the week, the youth at the organization get a chance to meet challenges related to perseverance, both in homework and lesson workshops and in activities. The team that meets the most challenges will be rewarded with a special lunch at the organization with staff members.”

Milieu éducatif La Source, HSD 2016


> Career week

“Students at the Pavillon de la Pointe (preschool to grade 2) will attend workshops to learn about different occupations throughout the week. Costumes, games, and workshops have been prepared to help explain certain occupations.”

Belle-Rive elementary, HSD 2016


> Morning honour guard

“In this activity, we form an honour guard made up of school staff and local community workers to welcome students with applause and words of encouragement as they enter the classroom for their first class of the morning.” 

Table de concertation jeunesse de Bordeaux-Cartierville, HSD 2014


> Letter to parents

“We will send a letter to the parents of all students, explaining the goal of this week of perseverance. We will ask parents to write a word of encouragement for their child on the back of the letter. They can also draw a picture and use simple but meaningful words. These will then be displayed in the school all week long.”

Adélard-Desrosiers elementary school, HSD 2014


> Tree of qualities

“Each child will receive a cut-out of a hand, on which their parents will write at least three qualities of their child. These hands will be displayed on the “tree of perseverance” at the school entrance.”

Saint-Paul-de-la-Croix elementary school, HSD 2014


> Board of accomplishments 

“Students and their accomplishments will be identified and acknowledged on a bulletin board at the entrance to the school. On Friday, the best of these will be announced over the school intercom.” 

Sainte-Catherine-Labouré elementary school, HSD 2014


> Reading activity

“A reading-related perseverance activity. Paper thermometers are hung in the hall to count the number of books read by the class. The winning class in each cycle is highlighted at the base of the tree of perseverance.”

Très-Saint-Sacrement elementary school, HSD 2014


> Smile button

“Each student makes a smile out of green construction paper to wear on the Tuesday, symbolizing their pride at being in school and to promote well-being and attention to others.”

Saint-Paul-de-la-Croix elementary school, HSD 2014


> Message to parents

Parents will receive a telephone message reminding them of the importance of encouraging their children every day.

École secondaire Calixa-Lavallée, HSD 2013


> Wall of Success

The Wall of Success has messages of congratulations that the students have given themselves. There are also messages of congratulations from teachers and, occasionally, from classmates.

École primaire Saint-Émile, HSD 2013


> Elementary inter-school “perseverance contract” contest

Each child will be given a perseverance contract to sign, have their parents sign, and bring back to school. When a student returns a signed contract, their name will be displayed on the bulletin board at the entrance of the school. The school with the highest percentage of returned perseverance contracts will be declared the winner.

Zone de persévérance scolaire d'Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, HSD 2013


> 2013–2014 Agenda

A drawing contest on the theme of school perseverance will be held in the art class. The winning drawing will appear as the cover page of the 2013–2014 school agenda.

École primaire Enfants-du-Monde, HSD 2013


> On the road to high school

In the classroom, ask students what is important and special at high school and what they hope to find there, then have an assembly to bring together all of the ideas. Give the principal of the local high school a summary of the students’ reflections and wishes.

École primaire Saint-Louis, CSMB, HSD 2013


> Letter to parents

All of the nearly 300 students attending afterschool support workshops (7 service centers in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhood) will write a short thank you letter to their parents (or significant person) for having helped them persevere at school.

Je Passe Partout ‒ member of ROCLD, HSD 2013


> Classroom talks

In each class, invite a parent or other person to come and talk about their profession or job, explaining why they chose that profession and describing the personal qualities and characteristics it requires, as well as the necessary training and schooling.

École primaire Saint-Gérard, HSD 2013


> When I grow up, I want to be…

We will invite students at Saint-Octave school to attend a presentation about different professions. Documents will be available to help guide them. They will also be given a chance to draw or describe their thoughts about their future on our wall of encouragement, where teachers and parents can see the beautiful motivational messages.

Bibliothèque Micheline-Gagnon, HSD 2013


> School bulletin board

Each student will be given the drawing of a small hand, on which their parents write at least three qualities of their child (written in their mother tongue and translated by the child). Then, with the collaboration of students with artistic talents, these hands will be displayed on the bulletin board at the entrance to the school.

École primaire Saint-Gérard, HSD 2013


> Rising to the challenge at home

Parents of all students will be asked to submit a challenge for their child. Each day, they must sign a form indicating whether the challenge was met. At the end of the week, the students who have successfully met their challenge all week long will get a diploma.

École primaire Sainte-Geneviève Ouest, HSD 2013


> Parental diploma

Each student gives a diploma of acknowledgement to the adult who has supported them in their plan of school perseverance.

École primaire Fernand-Gauthier, HSD 2013


> Encouragement surprises

Invite parents to place notes of encouragement (e.g., “I’m proud of you!” “Your parents support you!”) in students’ lunch boxes, agendas, backpacks, notebooks, and other places. The notes could be placed in secret so as to surprise the students.

École Ahuntsic, HSD 2012


> High school students meet with elementary students to talk about perseverance

Organize a meeting to discuss perseverance with 2nd- and 3rd-cycle students. High school students could also talk about their experiences at school and the importance of education.

École Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix, HSD 2012 


> Wall of success

Every class gets a large piece of cardboard on which each student writes about a success they are proud of and for which they had to persevere. These posters can be displayed in various strategic locations around the school.

École primaire Sainte-Lucie, HSD 2012


> Moment of truth

Based on the Radio-Canada show Moment de vérité, propose a challenge to students. The challenge might be of an intellectual, physical or sensory nature. Students have a week to practice before attempting the challenge in front of their peers at the end of the week. The idea is to show that with perseverance and willingness, it’s possible to achieve what seemed impossible at the start.

École Jules-Verne, HSD 2012



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