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HSD Squad in action

Since February 16, members of the HSD Squad have been crisscrossing the Island of Montreal to spread the message of perseverance.

They have been to high schools, adult education centres, youth organizations, and metro stations to talk about their experiences and the strategies they used to persevere in the face of problems. 

Here are a few examples of the inspiring messages delivered by these young people who have reconnected with school.

“Every day you study is an investment in the most important person: you.”
Jean-Sébastien Tardif, who is finishing his high school diploma at Centre Champlain, with the goal of getting a vocational diploma in electricity.

“My perseverance is my pride.”
Audrey Bouchard, who completed a vocational diploma at ÉMICA and who currently works at the Montreal Heart Institute.

“Perseverance is like being a miner. You have to keep digging; sooner or later, you’ll find the diamond.”
Simon Duchesneau, who is finishing his high school diploma at Centre Sainte-Croix, with the goal of getting a college diploma or university degree in computer science.

“You can’t get ahead in life without a diploma. You have to take every opportunity to study and not give up.”
Manel Megari, who finished his high school diploma at Centre Sainte-Croix and hopes to get a college diploma in specialized education.

The HSD Squad in pictures

At the Accès-travail-Verdun building, Manel gives a moving talk that encourages other students to speak.



At Centre Champlain, Simon speaks about his experiences to adult students; Jean-Sébastien has come along to hear his fellow squad member.



At Berri-UQAM station, Derek talks about his experiences with an education student at UQAM.



John visits James Lyng High School to speak with students.



Audrey, along with Montreal Hooked on School’s Sylvia Loranger, encourages students at Saint-Henri high school.



Manel, along with Montreal Hooked on School’s Sylvia Loranger, meets Montrealers at Central Station to talk about school perseverance. 


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