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Who are these dropouts?

Dropouts present very heterogeneous characteristics, whom Janosz et al. (2006) have divided into four types: quiet dropouts, maladjusted dropouts, disengaged dropouts, and low-achiever dropouts.

 Quiet  -  40% of dropouts

• Tend to come from socioeconomically disadvantaged neighbourhoods

• Like school

• Say they are engaged with their education

• Present no behavioural problems

• Grades are nevertheless low

 Maladjusted  -  40% of dropouts

• Characterized by school failures

• Present behavioural problems

• Have detrimental lifestyle habits

• Have troubled family environments

 Disengaged -  10% of dropouts

• Present no behavioural problems

• Average grades

• Say they are disengaged with their education

Low-achiever  -  10% of dropouts

• Are disengaged

• Are failing at school

• Present no behavioural problems


Source : Janosz, M. et al. (2006). La typologie des décrocheurs potentiels: dépistage et interventions différentielles pour prévenir le décrochage scolaire. PowerPointPresentation by Isabelle Archambault, from the Michel Janosz research team,Groupe de recherche sur les environnements scolaires, Université de Montréal, 36 pp. ( 80)


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