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Tatie Lucie, school perseverance superhero

“Tatie Lucie!”

Children at a home daycare in Bordeaux-Cartierville exclaim and run toward the woman who comes to meet them. Every Tuesday after the mid-morning snack, Lucie Bois is greeted joyously, bearing a box of carefully selected books from the library. With huge smiles and bright eyes, the children sit around her for their weekly reading session. 


An article was also dedicated to Lucie Bois in the Metro newspaper on February 16.

JPS2017 _ Tatie Lucie _Journal Métro.jpg

Thank you, Tatie Lucie, for making a difference in the lives of children in Bordeaux-Cartierville. For Hooked on School Days 2017, we would like to pay tribute to your commitment and celebrate your role as a superhero!



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